Cloud Nine Chapter 5

Of Clones and Hojo

By Tenchi

Ten minutes after the fight between Fiona and Zeal Robo had the crew sat down and ready to tell his story. Crono sat on a bench next to Marle and Lucca. Frog sat next to Cyrus, happy to see his friend. Ayla sat alone, she was vacant due to the death of her husband..but she could not cry any longer. She dried her tears and sat down. Magus hovered above all of them keeping eye on his sister Schala, as if to protect her. Fiona paced in circles back and forth, in battle she seemed to be a goddess but she was clearly mortal while she sat and listened to the story.

Robo explained, "Ok this is a little difficult to understand but here it goes. It seems there was more than one Lavos out there. After we defeated Lavos we made a mistake, we fought it in 1999 AD, it had been on our Earh for decades by then and reproduced. We fought all the Lavos Spawns, so we thought, there was one more we neglected, it was just an egg at the time and the egg was ....The Chrono Trigger!!! When we used it to save Crono we were actually hatching another spawn. Anyways after that a scientist named Hojo thought he might be able to use the spawnling to mate, the problem Lavos reproduce asexually. He was actually able to mate them though by cloning the one spawn and mixing their DNA to make a new Lavos, but that Lavos killed Hojo and absorbed the knowledge to clone from him. Soon their was an outbreak of Lavos Clones and those clones started using other animal DNA to mix....soon the perfect clone was was more Lavos but it also had the DNA of all living things, it was Nega Lavos!! Soon this Lavos, being far superiorly inellegent killed off all other Lavos Spawns and became the lone Lavos Spawn. "

"But the last Lavos was made of the DNA of all animals too, right??" said Lucca.

"Yes but this Nega Lavos also had Lavos DNA, making it like double DNA of animals." said Robo.

"I get it!! It was multipling what the original Lavos had!!" said Lucca.

"You've got it only, it also has the intellegance of humans, thats what makes it so deadly."

"What are waiting for" said Crono "Lets go get this thing!!"

"I'm in for some adventure" said Marle.

"Me too!" said Lucca.

"It is my job to guard the forest and Earth...I will fight also" said Fiona.

"Zeal kill Kino so Ayla kill Zeal" said Ayla.

"Aye, I shall not let you down" croaked Frog.

"I have been given my life back so I will repay you by helping" said Cyrus.

"I hate anything Lavos so I will help" said Schala.

"I will not rest until the world is rid of that...those fearsome creatures" said Magus.

"Then lets go!!" said Robo

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