Cloud Nine Chapter 6

My Only Love

By Tenchi

That night the gang decided to have one last hurrah before going into battle so they enjoyed the fair, all except Ayla, she sat alone in this unfamilar world, whispering Kino's name to herself. She looked at the sky, it was not her sky, the ground was not her ground and the people were not her Kino. She felt tears run down her face again. He was all that was real in a world of illusion and in that illusion he was magic itself. She took off her ring that Kino had given her for their marrage, she reflected the pale moonlight off of the dreamstone rock of the ring. She gently laughed rembering when Kino gave it to her, he was so nervous. She rembered their wedding too, it was a huge festival and every village around came to see them make their vow of love. She gently kissed the ring and as her tear hit the it. The gem glowed a silver blue haze as the wind blew through Ayla's blonde hair. Suddenly as if he had heard his beloved cry, Kino appeared to Ayla in a vision.

"Kino!!" she yelled as she went to hug him but fell right through his new spirit form. "Oh, you not Kino, you just spirit."

"Ayla," he said, "I am in stars now with cheifs who come before me. I want you to know me will never leave you and you must be strong to save the world, for Zala and friends."

"Understand, but me miss you," Ayla said with the tears swelling back into her eyes.

"Enough tears, be strong, only heart die with body, not love." he said as he disapeared into her ring's jewel. Then a golden glow surrounded Ayla. She felt warm inside as the ring turned her hands into dreamstone gloves with claws on the fingertips. It was her new weapon, the Kino Claws!!


The next morning Ayla met the others in front of the gate that they all came in on.

"How are you feeling Ayla, we missed you last night, " said Schala.

"Me fine, me just needed time to dry tears." Ayla said with an "I'm fine" look on her face.

"I've got an idea!! Why not just use the new Chrono Trigger to bring back Kino?" asked Marle.

"I'm sorry we cannot," said Robo, "I fear I have used too much of it's energy and we must conserve it if we are to keep the gates open long enough to do what we must do."

"Maybe it was destiny..." said Ayla as she looked up to the clouds overhead.

(Until we meet again)


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