Cloud Nine Chapter 7

Unquestionably Melancholic

By Tenchi

"Ok everyone, into the portal," said Robo.

"Come on Crono, let's go save the future...again," said Marle as she pulled Crono into the glowing gate. Lucca just giggled and followed them in.

"Shall we take our leave, Cyrus?" said Frog. Cyrus stuck his sword into the portal.

"Is it safe?"

"Thou hast already arrived in through it, why does thou question it now?"

"You are right,then shall we go?" The two stoic knights marched into the gate. Ayla was next, she held tight her ring, flipped her hair and backflipped into the gate.

"Show off," mumbled Schala, "Brother, are you going to escort me or not?" Magus silently followed his sister into the portal. Now Robo and Fiona remained.

"Robo, you've know me for quite some time, right?" said Schala.

"Correct, 58 years, 10 months, 3 days, 11 hours and 2.5 seconds to be exact."

"Then, do you see me as the heroic type? I don't know, I love this Earth and the forest, but am I willing to risk my life? I've always wanted to fight along you guys, but will I be able to?"

"You single handedly fought Zeal and her fighting level is 456.2"

"Yes, but I've never been so scared..."

"You best enter the doorway while I have enough energy in the Chrono Trigger Deluxe" Fiona gently floated into the portal. Robo followed and closed the gate behind him.


The entire gang arrived at the End of Time. Gaspar, the Guru of Time was delghted to see his old friends, and a few new faces. Cyrus and Schala looked in awe at the time spinning around them. Fiona stared out into the empytness, since she had gotten her powers, things like this were not too exciting anymore. Besides, she had been in much prettier forests than a dreadful place like his, and to her a good garden would leave her in awe more than some dumb clouds and an old man. Marle noticed a little girl with her red hair in pigtails standing outside of the axis point. "Gaspar, who is that?" she asked.

"Oh, she is my daughter Celia."

"Daughter?! You never had a daughter!!" said Schala.

"It is a long story" he said.

"We have time," said Marle.

"Actually we do not..." said Robo but he was interupted by Marle.

"Shut up Robo," said Marle. Celia came itno the axis point.

"Daddy, who are they?" she asked.

"They are my friends, Crono, Marle, Lucca, Robo, Frog, Ayla, Magus, Schala, Cyrus and Fiona."

"Hi people," she said as she climbed up onto Magus' shoulders.

Lucca giggled "She likes you Magus!!"

Cyrus erupted into laughter "Yes, that rascal Magus, what a dashing and debonaire lady killer."

"Exactly," said Magus gripping his skythe in a homicidal manner.

"You're silly" said Celia. she kissed him. Magus almost chuckled.

"So, who is her mother?" asked Lucca.

"She was an Earthbound one, named Corrine, who I had loved eternally. I could never marry her though for it was social suicide to converse with an Earthbound one let alone love one. So I lived my days in Zeal constantly depressed. But after I saw you guys kill Lavos, it inspired me to shape my own destiney...I mean I AM the Guru of Time. So for the first time since I came here I left to find my darling Corrinne. I searched the Ice Age world for what seemed like eternity, until I found her. A few Earthbound ones survived the crashing of Zeal on a small island. When I got there though, everyone had been slaughtered by a creature. Corrine was still half alive and with her dying words she asked me to take care of her newborn baby, Celia."

"Thats so sad" said Crono.

"Try to take it like a man, or should I get you some tissues?" joked Lucca.

"We should begin our battle stratigy" said Robo.

"Leave it to the souless tin can to ruin the moment, " said Marle.

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