Cloud Nine Chapter 8

100 MPH

By Tenchi

"Ok, this is the plan," said Robo in a very serous manner. "The Chrono Trigger Deluxe needs 'fuel' that is, it's running out of energy. Since it runs on the pro chrono waves caused by the flowing time streams, it's not like we can just recharge it like a battery. We can howeer, combine it with the Gate Key to give it some sort of charge, only thing is one gate key will not do...we'll need three."

"Three!?" said Lucca. "The only reason Iwas able to make the first one so fast was because I used most of the parts from the telepod. It took my over two years to make the telepod!!! Do we have four years to make two more gate keys?"

"Calm down Lucca, I have this all worked out. There are two other gate keys in the time stream. One is in circa 1990, or "The Modern Age", it's the time peroid directly before the day of Lavos. The second is in my future, that is the new one ceated when NegaLavos came into being. It's circa 2500 and called "The Utopia Age."

"Utopia?? That hardly sounds like a Utopia!!" said Schala.

"I did not name it, NegaLavos did. He says that now that the end of the human race is near, it will be a beautiful Utopia."

"Lavos...speaks?" said Magus.

"Affirmative, he is fluent in over 400 different languages and often appears in the form of a humanoid. Anyways, one team will obtain the key in The Modern Age, held by a gang of theives called the Magus Gang."

"Magus Gang?" questioned Magus. "The fools..."

"They are a gang who formed to immortalize you and your generals."

"Please...I am not that monster anymore, I am a warrior and will slay them for wasting such energy on petty theivery."

"There is Tick, the Magician, the swordsman Slice, Osborne, the general and the one they say is the original Magus. That is highly irreverant thought"

"And stupid" said Magus.

"The other team will go to Hojo's lab, but be careful, NegaLavos has it heavily guarded, he does not want anyone finding out his secrets. I am sorry but I will not be able to accompany you, I must stay here and prepare the Chrono Trigger Deluxe."

"So, how will the two teams be able to get there and back with only one gate key?" asked Crono.

"I will use the last of the Chrono Trigger Deluxe's energy to open the two gates then it will be up to you find the Gate Keys to return. OH! I almost forgt to tell you, because of the Chrono Trigger Deluxe the teams can be more that 3 people, may I suggest one team of four and one of five?"

"So Crono whats it gunna be?" asked Marle.

"Team one will go to The Modern Age and will consist of Magus, Lucca, Frog and Fiona. Team two will consist of myself, Marle, Ayla, Schala and Cyrus."

"Before you go, maybe you should go see Spekkio." suggested The Guru of Time. Schala, Cyrus and Fiona walked through the door. Spekkio now appeared in the form of a Purple Golem.

"WHOA!! What a haul you've brought in today!! I've been waiting for a chance to use the new forms of shadow magic I've found!! You, the knight, I give you Wind Magic." A gust of wind blew over Cyrus' head and his eyes began to glow silver. "You with the purple hair, I give you spirit!!" A ghost floated above Schala's head as her eyes began to glow purple. "And blondie I give you...WHOA!! You already can use tree are very lucky, not even I know tree magic. So fortified with Magic, want to try it out?" The crew declined. Next the original members, excluding Robo walked in. "Ipso Facto Meeny Magico!!! I've given you stronger versions of your magic. Redhead, you've got "Electro" now. Ponytails you've got "Icicles" now. Four eyes, you now have "Meteor". Vampire looking guy, you've got "Blackheart" now. Toad, you now can use "Tidal Wave" magic and captain cave girl now you can use "Earthquake."

"Well this is it" said Crono facing the gate in front of his team. "Good luck guys!"

"We won't need it" said Lucca, "But you might."

"Bye Bye Magus!!" said Celia. Magus nodded and took his team into the gate. Crono followed his example and took his team into the gate.

"Take Care" yelled Robo before seeing both the gates close.

(This is the part where the chapter ends)


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