Cloud Nine Chapter 9

Welcome to the Real World

By Tenchi

The gate dropped of the crew in the middle of a busy highway. Lucca, Magus, Frog and Fiona looked in awe to what they saw. "Where are we" asked a soprano little voice. It belonged to Celia.

"Celia?? What are you doing here?" said Lucca in a motherly voice.

"I wanted to protect Magus," she said lowering her head looking up with her sparkly blue eyes.

"" said Fiona.

"Well we can't take her back until we get the Gate Key from Magus Gang, so we'll have to protect her." said Lucca. Frog, Fiona and Lucca glared at Magus.

"What!!? Oh no, I'm a warrior not a babysitter!!" said Magus.

"I can protect myself" said Celia as she took out a slingshot.

"Ohhhhhh how cuuuuuute" said Lucca and Fiona in unison.

"Shall we take our leave?" said Frog. Suddenly he heard the booming sound of sirens. The crew covered their ears. Two cops came out of the patrol car.

"So, why are we arresting them again?" said the first cop, gun drawn.

"Because, uh...well, just look at them!!! One's a frog for God sakes!!! Thats dangerous!!"

"I know I may haveth an odd appearance, but I am a crowned knight of Guardia." said Frog.

"Ahh, it talks!!" said the second cop.

"Where the Hell is Guardia?" said the other.

"They seem to be authority figures....I have a problem with authority..." said Magus as he pulled out his scythe.

"No we mus'nt hurt thee!!" said Frog. "Tidal Wave!!" he yelled. A huge wave of water came crashing down and washed the cops out. "I hath bought us time to make a hasty escape."

"Yes, lets get the Hell outta here!!" said Fiona. As the crew ran down the street, dodging cars and pedestrians little did they know they were being watched.

"Well, well, well, look who it is" said an odd looking man. The group turned around to see Norstein Bekklar. "You will not get anywhere looking like that! Here, I'll give you these disgiuse badges, they will allow you to blend into the people of this time period." He threw them at the crew, as they put them on Lucca asked,

"So, what are you doing here?"

"I cannot tell you that," he said and quick as a flash he disapeared.

"What an odd character" said Fiona. Suddenly a gang of locals walked up to Magus.

"Yo, man what you think you don showin yo self on our turf, now I'm gunna raise up you little punk!!" said the leader.

"I think you might have me mistaken" said Magus.

"Boy, why you gotta be like that, talk normal bitch!!"

"Yo ash man, lets stop his ass for messing with your gurl!!"

"Yo, he was up with Laquita?? It's on now!!" The gang members drew their weapons and started taking fire on Magus.

"Now you've angered me!!" He raised his hands to the sky as dark clouds formed overhead. About to kill the gang members, Fiona stepped in.

"We don't have time for this!!" said Fiona.

"Let me handle this" said Celia "Time Freezing!!" she shot a beam up and time around the crew stopped. "Well, let's go!!" she said as the four others stood in awe. They ran about five blocks until Frog said.

"Did Robo sayth anything about the locale of this gang?"

"Actually, he didn't..."said Lucca.

"I can sense the power of the Gate Key" said Celia, "Follow me!!"

"She actually has come in handy" said Magus. Celia led them into the warehouse district and stood outside and abandoned warehouse.

"This is it" she said.

"Well, lets just storm in" said Lucca. Magus kicked the door in and they followed him in. Sudenly they fell into a big trap door.

"Who goes there!!" said a ditzy female voice. "I am the magician, Tick!! I take after the magician Flea, only I am actually a female."

"And I am Slice!! I take after Slash...only I'm not good with a sword, but I am a perfect archist!!"

"I am the second in command, Osborne!! I make up for what Ozzy failed to do. Trap doors and pullys are not my thing, I use rocket lanchers and tanks to get the job done, now wh dares storm "Casa de Magus?"

"I'm the one you've been copying after, the true Magus, and it's about to get ugly." said Magus with an evil smirk.

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