Cloud Nine Chapter 10

Utopia of Death

By Tenchi

Crono and his team arrived in the Utopia age.

"So this is it," said Marle," Ready Crono?" She turned to see Crono staring blankly at his surroudings, the bulidings, the sky it was all too familiar to him. "Crono, you okay?" said Marle.

"Uhh, yeah, it's just that this place feels really familiar..."

"Well, it's pretty much the same future we saw before except all the buildings are standing and the people are alive," said Marle.

"No, it's something else...weird, I just got a case of Deja Vu."

"Come one, forget it...we gotta find out where this lab is." Marle said as she spyed the same building that they found out about Lavos from. "There, we can use the computer inside of there to find the laboratory!!" She ran into the buliding but was stopped by two guards.

"Halt!!" said one while taking fire with a blaster rifle. The crew prepared their weapons.

"Schala, do you have a weapon?" asked Crono.

"Yes, I do.." she held out her hand and a silver staff appeared in her hand. "This is the ancient Zeal Staff...It's the only thing left from Zeal that was not corrupted by my mother." Crono nodded and ran after the first guard. He cut him with his rainbow then zapped him with a lightning bolt. The guard threw Crono against the building and in turn, made him pass out from the force of the blow.

"Big mistake," said Marle as she took aim with her crossbow.

"Let me, your majesty," said Cyrus as he went to draw his sword. "Oh no, I must have misplaced my sword in the battle with Magus."

"Me get you sword!!" said Ayla as she blew a kiss to one of the guards. He dropped a Light Blade, a futuristic sword that uses a laser instead of metal.

"This is a fine weapon, Nirvana Strike!!" he said as he struck down the first guard with a multiple attack. He died almost instantly.

"Earthquake!!" said Ayla as she punched the ground, causing a huge hunk of earth to fly into the second guard. He got back up just in time to get sliced by Crono's Rainbow.

"Let's be more cautious in the future, people!!" said Crono as he stormed into the computer room.

(I know this was a short one)


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