Cloud Nine Chapter 11

Truth of Shock Pt. 1, Identity Crisis

By Tenchi

Lucca stared down her opponent. "So, you're supposed to be Flea?" she said with a grimacing smile and an evil glare in her eye.

"Correction Sweetie, I'm Tick the..."

"I don't really care who you are, give us the Gate Key!!" she said.

"The Gate Key? I'm sorry, you'll have to take it up with our master, Magus." said Osborne.

"Yes, where is that fool?" said Magus.

"I am here" said a shadowy figure.

"So you are the one who says he's me? I hate to burst your bubble, but I'm the guinuine one..."

"Now are you really sure abut that? Heh, I've waited for this day...fool you are a clone, try to grasp that concept.."

"What? A clone, you lier, you shall die now!!"

"No, I will take my place as the master of the arcane magic! You see my sister Schala knew I was the only one with the power to distroy Lavos, but I would not consider it...I wanted to dance in the shadow of his chaos!!! She tried but after I refused so she had the Guru's clone me. You had all of my strengths, except one, a weak mind. After I was cloned I tried to kill you but I was adverted by the Fourth Guru."

"Fourth Guru? Now you are the weak minded one..."

"Oh, there was a fourth, the Guru of Emotion, Kagato, but he was exicuted when he used his powers on Zeal Royalty, that being me. So after all that Schala decided I couldn't be kept around but the fool did not have the heart to kill me, so she sent me into this portal where I would stay my whole life. Little did I know my other self had become a celebrity by not only killing the great Cyrus, but also Lavos. I searched all over for this Gate Key and I was about to use it to go kill you in the past, but you so rudely barged in!!"

"Hold your tounge liar, if you are the true one, you will defeat me in combat!"

"Certainly..." said the other Magus as he held his skythe to the sky and called forth the power of Fire Two.

"Hey thats my attack!!" said Lucca as she cocked her gun.

"Stay out of this, it's my battle" said the first Magus as he shot bolts of electricity at the other Magus. He barely blinked and replied with a black hole attack. The first Magus was almost sucked in but escaped with just enough time to pound the other Magus in the face before being shot at with Ice Two. He started to freeze up.

"Goodbye my clone, it's been fun...Dark Matter!!" the second Magus said but the first Magus was able to slice his throat with his Skythe before the move was exicuted.

"Fool!! I will win!! Blackheart!!' he yelled as a stor of black energy appeared in his hands. The energy sizzled and cracked as he shot it into the other Magus' body. He glowed an eerie black aura as he heart was filled with black energy. A terrified look swept his face as the breath was taken from his lungs and the beating away from his heart. "I wonder...was he speaking the truth?"

"Ahem, the key?" said Frog. Magus grabbed the key from his decieased dopliganger's death grip.

"Shall we go?" he said.

"Not so fast," said Slice, "You killed the great Magus!! You will die now!!" he drew his bow and fired an arrow at Frog. It struck him down to the ground. He got back up, unsheated his Masamune and Slurp Cut Slice.

"We've not time for games!!" he said as he performed Tidal Wave. Water swarmed around him as he concintrated it into a beam of water, the water struck Slice with such a force it snapped his neck and killed him.

"My turn," said Tick as she blew a deadly kiss at Lucca, the kiss electo shocked her.

"Wrong move lady..." she said as she threw a bomb at Tick. Tick simply teleported out of the way allowing the bomb to pass. She grinned and summoned a huge creature from the earth to attack Lucca. Suddenly a bol of energy from the sky caused it to disapear. Lucca looked up to see Celia standing in the rafters smiling. She nodded and yelled "Meteor!" A hunk of firery rock crashed through the ceiling and struck Tick with such a force she was completely vaporized.

"I guess you want to fight too, huh?" Fiona said to Osborne.

"Uh, Osbore's in a jam! Catch ya later losers!" he said as he disapeared in a puff of smoke.

"Just like his role model," Magus said while shaking his head. "Well, shall we go back now?"

"Wait, Magus, are you really a clone?" asked Fiona.

"I do not know...I am sure that my sister Schala or Gaspar, the guru of time will be able to tell me the truth..."

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