Cloud Nine Chapter 12

Truth of Shock Pt. 2, Revenge

By Tenchi

Crono, Marle, Cyrus, Schala and Ayla ran their course through Arris Dome, keeping an open eye and their hands close to their weapons. Suddenly a Mecca suited warrior jumped out from a corridor and shot at them. "This is restricted property, please leave or perish," said the mecahnical misfit. Crono just laughed. He jumped near the warrior and raised his hands to the sky.

"Luminare," he yelled as a few bolts of green energy swirled around. The bolts then collided together and formed a huge white explosion that escaped Crono's body. It progressed outwards then formed a dome around Crono before exploding into a white mess energy. When the darkness was let back into the light, the warrior was no more. "That was too easy, I don't trust this place at all." He looked around the dome, it was no longer the dilapadated haven for survivors of Lavos, it was restored to it's original glory of a communication center. Marle could feel the tension coming from Crono as she put her hand on his shoulder to calm his nerves. He looked at her as she flashed a smile.

"Enjoy that precious moment, it is your last," said an all too familar voice. The group turned around to see Zeal standing in front of them. The pulled their weapons out and prepared for battle. They had beaten her before but that was only with Fiona's help, who knew what the outcome of this battle would be. Zeal grinned and threw one of her infamous white fire balls at Crono and Marle. Crono pulled Marle away just in the knick of time.

"I know you are not my mother, so just who are you?" asked Schala.

"I am a clone of your mother in her prime."

"Her prime, you mean the time that Lavos poisoned her mind and destroyed her soul." Schala fought back tears and said, "I will not let you live!"

"You kill Kino so Ayla will kill you!" said Ayla. "Crono, Marle and Cyrus must go find key so we fight NegaLavos. Schala and Ayla take care of mean lady."

"Wait we can help!" said Crono.

"You do not understand, son. This is their fight, they are fighting for loved ones. We cannot interfear." Crono nodded and followed him and Cyrus down a long corridor.

"Let's make this quick!" said Zeal. She flung her hands up to the sky and shot black lightning at the two. Ayla was struck down for a moment, but not serously injured. Schala was not phased at all.

"Warriors of Spirit," whispered Schala as she prayed to the gods above. Suddenly a light appeared through the ceiling of the dome and shone down on Schala. Thousands of warrior's spirirts appeared and each took their turn at attacking Zeal. Schala opened her eyes and was amazed to see a white fire ball flying at her. Ayla pushed her out of the way and put out her fists. The dreamstone claws reflected the fire back at Zeal. She was stunned, giving Ayla enough time to claw into Zeal, leaving huge gashes in her pale skin.

"Schala strong and Ayla strong but wicked lady stronger. To beat her Ayla and Schala must be strong together." she said. Schala nodded. They both got up very quickly and took their stances on both sides of Zeal. She just laughed at them.

"Warriors of Spirit," said Schala. This time instead of the light hitting Schala, it hit Ayla as the thousands of warriors jumped into her body. She split into thousands of forms of herself, all of whom slashed, clawed and punched their way though Zeal. This time she was not so lucky, because once the dust settled she was just a bloody corpse.

Not too far away Crono, Cyrus and Marle arrived at the main computer room. There was a man there who wore a long black cloak. He had silver eyes and long silver hair which he wore in a ponytail. He held the gate key in his hand. The crew pulled out their weapons and prepared to fight the man for the key. He gently put the key down and said,

"I knew you would come here, Crono."

"Who are you?" asked Crono in a puzzled way.

"Forgive me for being rude, I am your father, NegaLavos."

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