Cloud Nine Chapter 13

Truth of Shock Final Pt., Father of Mine

By Tenchi

"My Father?" exclaimed Crono with a most disgusted taste in his mouth. "It's not true!"

"Oh really? Then mind you, what happened to your 'father'?" said NegaLavos glaring his bitter eyes to his son.

"He was killed awhile ago, I was only three, but I can remeber it as if it were yesterday! I remeber my mother crying her eyes out and Lara, Lucca's mom, trying to comfort her. I asked her where my father was and she took me on her lap and kissed me saying he was in heaven."

"Oh yes, I remeber that, it was all a conspiracy, I had him killed. I am your true father!"

"YOU!? You killed my father?" said Crono as he pulled Rainbow from it's holdster and charged at NegaLavos. He erected a sheild around him and said

"Chylde, stop this, don't you remeber?"

"I am afraid I can't remeber lies!"

"Then I shall explain. You see, in order for myself to be born, the Chrono Trigger had to be used, so my first offspring, the first Lavos/Human offspring since myself, was sent back in time to be raised by an unsuspecting family. I had to kill your father in order for you to train to be a warrior. You do remeber the vow you made that fateful day, you vowed to always protect your mother and become a warrior. You played right into my hands. You took te place of your mother's birth child, whom I killed at birth , and destroyed Lavos. But ou see, I made it so you would kill yourself by 'accident' so you wou have to be revived by the time egg. So there you have it, a weapon, thats all you are."

"So I suppose you'll dispose of me now, eh? Now that my job is done, I gues you don't need me."

"Wrong again, I'll just remove the memories from your head and together we'll rule the world as father and son!!" NegaLavos raised his hand to the sky as a purple energy swarmed around Crono. His eyes turned silver and his spikey red hair turned black. His clothes turned into a cloak and black armor and his rainbow shattered into a black sword of death.

"I am reborn!" he said with a sinister voice that could make the hair stand on a cat's back.

"Come my son" said NegaLavos as he opened up a black gate.

"Noooooo Crono!" said Marle with tears in her eyes. She ran towards the gate letting her tears drop along he way.

"Pathetic creature," muttered Crono as she blasted her with a black lightning bolt and headed into the gate with his father.

"Crono..." whispered Marle as a single tear streaked down her cheek and onto her pendant.

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