Cloud Nine Chapter 14

When You Believe...

By Tenchi

The gate opened up at the axis of time. Marle,Cyrus,Ayla and Schala stepped out with sad eyes. "Finally you're here," said Lucca. "Wait a mintute where is Crono?" Marle looked out into the darkness and said,

"He is gone."

"What happened, did he die?" asked Lucca frantically.

"He is gone," said Marle again. Cyrus told them the story of how NegaLavos was Crono's father and how he had turned on them. There was an awkward long pause as everyone stopped to think about the sudden turn of events. Suddnely Lucca broke the silence and said,

"No way! We'll get him back, deep down he's still the old Crono." Marle smiled at Lucca.

"I think we should try out the Chrono Trigger Deluxe now," said Robo. "If it works we will be able to open up a gate to the time in which Hojo made the first Lavos offspring and destroy him before he can hatch."

"Wait! If we do that, then we will lose Crono also." said Marle.

"Oh yes, that is not a good thing." said Robo.

"It seems Crono was insurance for NegaLavos." said Magus. "As long as we wanted Crono to live, we would not be able to kill him like that. If we challenged him face to face, then he'd surely win, and with Crono on his side, he would definatly win."

"Dammit! " screamed Marle. "This is ripping me up inside! I hate NegaLavos!" she screamed as she punched the wall. She fell to the ground and collapsed in tears. Lucca ran over, brought her to her feet and wiped away her tears.

"Stay strong Marle, Crono would want it that way." she whispered. She nodded and wiped away the last tear.

"No more. No more tears for NegaLavos. We WILL beat him and bring back Crono."

"Do you really think so?" asked Fiona.

"No, I KNOW so!" said Marle. She walked over to Robo. "Do you think we could use the Chrono Trigger Deluxe to go back in time now?" said Marle.

"What about Crono?" asked Robo.

"It's a risk he would want us to take." said Marle. Robo nodded. He took out the Chrono Trigger Deluxe and placed it in the middle of the axis point. He pressed a button and three outlets appeared in the egg. He placed the original gate key in the top outlet. Magus walked over and put his gate key in the side. Schala walked over and put her key in the other side.

"Schala, before I forget, I need to ask you something." said Magus.

"What is it brother?" she asked.

"Am I a ...clone?" She turned away from him for a moment, turned back around and said,

"I do not know. I realize you know that Janus, my brother, was cloned and that his clone was sent to an unknown time period. Since my mother tampered with the memory of my brother and I after she exicuted Kagato, the Guru of Emotion, we will never know. Magus quietly returned to the corner as Robo messed with the gadgets on the Chrono Trigger Deluxe.

"Hang on to your shorts!" he said as he turned up the power. Suddenly a storm on clouds and lightning appeared over them. The egg gave off a wierd purple light and suddenly a huge black Dragon appeared. On top of this evil dragon, dressed in all black, was none other then Crono!

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