Cloud Nine Chapter 15

Crimson Tears

By Tenchi

"Hello Children!" said Crono with a devious smile. "I hope you're enjoying this as much as I am!" He leapt off the dragon, pulled out his sword and swung it hard into Marle's face, but stopped before he cut her. "Nah, why waste my energy," he said.

"Crono, listen, we can help you..." said Marle.

"Oh shut the Hell up! My father gave me this power for a reason, to kick your lily asses!"

"This is not you Crono." said Marle.

"Actually it is sweetie, deal with it. Anyway, I'm sorry I can't stay around for much, but my little pet here will play with you." Gaspar woke up, looked at Crono and the dragon and almost had a heart attack.

"That's Chronus, the Dragon of Time!" he said in a shocking way.

"Chronus?" said Magus.

"Yes children, THE Chronus," said Crono. "Did you really think old pops would give you the REAL Gate Key? Nope, it was a fake. It's purpose was to summon Chronus and have him destroy this place so that my father could take over. The one power he doesn't have is total control over time. Thanks to you he will now rule ALL. How sweet it will be. Shall I notify your next of kin that you will not be coming to dinner tonight?" he said with an evil laugh and with that he disapeared.

"What exactly is this thing?" asked Fiona.

"Chronus is the ancient being who first created time travel and gates." said Gaspar. "Legend has it that when his evil was destroyed he created huge gates so that he could live in the time stream forever. Later myself, the gurus and some other warriors from Zeal were able to trap this thing but somehow NegaLavos was able to unleash it once more."

"Well, we shall have to distroy it this time, won't we?" said Schala. She drew her Zeal Staff.

"No, WE won't be doing anything. This will be my battle." said Gaspar.

"You? You old man, no condition to fight!" said Ayla.

"My old bones hold strong power in them." he said. He held up his hands and started to chant. He turned gold as he appeared in his Guru of Time garments. Suddenly the door to Spekkio's room opened up and the God of War himself walked out.

"Hey, time for some REAL action." he said as he began to morph. "Do to this things power I should be able to pull this off" he said. His once Golem body began to morph into that of the original Lavos. He jumped out of the axis and into the clouds, with Gaspar on his back. Gaspar jumped off Spekkio's back and flew towards Chronus.

"Starlight Rotation!" he yelled as thoudsands of meteors attacked Chronus. The dragon screamed and flung a fire ball at Gaspar. This black fire burned through his skin, causing immense pain but Gaspar was already on his next attack and didn't even notice it. He jumped on Chronus' back and cut through him with a beam of light. Chronus flung him off and clashed him with a skythe like tail. The cut was deep but Gaspar would not give up. Spekkio rammed into the dragon with his spiky shell. It cut all the way through and knocked the dragon out for about half a second. The dragon returned the blow with an energy blast so immense that it could melt Dreamstone like butter. That attack was able to blow apart Spekkio's shell. He was not deated though, because he now took the form of the Lavos Core. Spekkio cast Grand Stone, the ultimate attack which did nothing but annoy the dragon. The dragon fiercly attacked Spekkio and for once Spekkio didn't get up. He layed there, almost dead wondering what will become of him. The last thing he saw was the mighty tail of a dragon. Gaspar didn't even have time to mourn the loss of a friend, for he began to attack the dragon with everything he had. Chronus didn't even put up much effort, for Gaspar had flesh and flesh could be pierced. Alas, the old man was no longer able to keep up, but casted one last spell. He connected all the gates and turned the energy into a concusive onslaught of energy. The dragon screamed in pain as Gaspar dissapered into pure white energy. The only thing left was a golden jewel which floated down to the axis and into Celia's hands.

"Daddy..." she whispered and in that moment the innocence of a child was lost. Her tears froze as the jewel made her turn gold. Her red hair grew longer and silver, her legs taller and her build more muscular. She stood before them no longer a girl, but a godess. She held the jewel up towards the dragon. "DADDY!!" she yelled as the jewel shot out a beam of golden light. The "sky" filled up with sunlight and the dragon was almost instantly killed, evaported into dust. Celia fell to her knees and turned back into the little girl she once was, now fast asleep. Magus picked her up and examined the jewel.

"It seems this is the Jewel of Time." said Magus.

"Cripes, you've got the Time Egg, the Wings of Time, the Dragon of Time, the Guru of Time and now the Jewel of Time?" said Lucca.

"The Jewel of Time is the most important, it is time itself. You see man can not contemplate time, so we see it as a jewel. Let's just say that Celia was just holding every moment of our lives in her hands." said Magus. He looked down at her tiny face and said, "I don't know why she is so fond of me, how could someone love something so twisted. Yet, I care for this little fledgling." He sat her down on the floor and let her sleep.

"Robo, what now? We can't go back in time now that the Gate Key was a false one and we have no way of beating NegaLavos face to face." said Lucca.

"I have a plan, but for now I say we should all get some rest and I will tell you in the morning."

( Until Next Tyme, Ja Ne)


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