Cloud Nine Chapter 16

A Princess' Heart

By Tenchi

Marle sat up wide awake on the floor of the axis of time. Her allies were fast asleep but the events that just occured were too much for her wandering mind to forget. She looked around making a big decision. She got to her feet, healed herself fully with the bucket and stole one of the Gate Keys. She stood in front of the gate that led to the year 2500 AD and held up the key. "Hold It!" said Lucca. "And just where are we going?"

"Lucca, I'm going to get Crono, I know he's still the same deep inside."

"Marle he's gone, you're going to have to accept that. He never was here."

"How can you say that Lucca, he's your best friend!"

"He's like a brother to me and I miss him a lot, but I know I just have to keep on."

"I'm sorry if I'm not strong enough to give up but.."

"No, you are really strong, Marle! You are the strongest person I've met. I admire and look up to you but I also care about you. I don't know, I just lost someone really important to me and I can't lose you too!" Marle wrapped her arms around Lucca and gave her a hug.

"I'll be back, I swear by it...but if I don't I want you to have this Lucca." She took off her pendant and placed it in Lucca's hands. "We'll always be the best of friends Lucca. I'm going now, wish me luck!"

"Good luck Marle, and come back alive!" Marle floated up the tall beam of light and suddenly was floating through a gate.

The gate opened up in a field of snow and dead bodies. "Gross," said Marle looking at the bodies. She looked up to see dark tower. "He's in there, I can feel it," she said to herself. She trudged through the snow keeping him in her mind. She reached the door and tried to open it. The minute she set foot in the doorway three guards started to shoot at her. She pulled out her crossbow and returned the fire. She shot the first guard in the throat, causing him to suffocate and die. The second guard shot her with a couple of bullets. She felt woozy but used Cure2 to cure herself. She screamed "Icicles!" and closed her eyes. Her body turned blue and her hair violently waved everywhere. She opend her eyes and shot a storm of icicles at the guards. They were severly cut and frozen. Marle started to run up the spiraling starcaise of the tower, dodging all types of creatures of the night. She reached the top to see Crono sitting on a throne of dead bodies. He was drinking wine and watching the violence below the tower from a huge window.

"Greetings, I knew you would come." he said. "You're foolish like that." He stood up, turned around and pulled out his sword. "You will be good practice!" Marle stood there looking at him, dropped her crossbow and waited. "A foolish thing to do, dear!" said Crono as he ran towards her and cut her with his sword. She stood there, not even screaming in pain. Her tears did all the talking. Crono stabbed her in her leg then flung back towards the wall and flew throught her with his sword. "Why don't you fight back?"

"I refuse to hurt you, I'd rather die..." she whispered.

"I have no respect for that," he said as he ran his sword all the way through her. He stared her in the eyes as she collapsed into his chest. She looked up at him slowly got closer. Crono was frozen, not knwoing what to do. Marle slowly pressed her lips up to his and kissed him. Instantly Crono's head filled with memories. He could remember bumping into Marle at the fair, he could remember the trial. He remebered fighting Lavos with her. He remembered seeing her disapear in 600 AD. Suddenly his hair turned back to red, his eyes blue and his black sword shattered into a sword of light. "Marle," he said as he held her in his arms.

"Crono," she said with a smile. Suddenly a black gate opened up and NegaLavos walked out.

"I told you emotions would make you weak, son." he said.

"I am NOT YOUR SON!!" he screamed as he ran his blade through NegaLavos' chest. The huge gap in his chest began to pulsate as NegaLavos stumbled back into the gate.

"The...the..p..power.." he said before disapearing.

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