Cloud Nine Halftime Report

By Tenchi

Nihao, this is Tenchi. I'm am writing this so you know what is going on and what will be coming up in the near future. First off I know I will get a lot of criticism for killing off Kino, but I will tell you why this was. When I wrote the first three chapters I had another story in mind. The Hooded Girl was not Fiona, but Queen Zeal, adding yet another clone to the story (I should have named the story "Clone Wars" or something.) Anyway this story had not only Kino but Tata fighting alongside them as well. I noticed the errors of my ways and decided to take Kino out because he's not much different then Ayla. For Schala I could use her innocence, for Fiona her spunkyness and Cyrus his over all big brotherness but Kino was just a male Ayla. I'm glad I did it though, it showed that Ayla is human after all (despite the tail). I also know I will get flack for using another Lavos element. If you read my intro I said it is supposed to be an endining to the original Chrono Trigger. Chapter 17 will get into that more and you will see the plot take shape. As of right now the plot is supposed to confuse you and be quite shallow, because the ending part of this book is the grand finale that answers all. If anyone is wondering about the title "Cloud Nine," you will see what I mean by this soon. Now on the subject of what the hell NegaLavos is anyways. He is basically a Lavos Spawn that became to humanlike. Period. As for Chrono once again Chapter 17 will explain why I did what I did. Also imagine the irony, the son of NegaLavos goes back in time to kill his "grandather." Chapter 17 is basically going to be a chat session in which we finally get to see how Cloud Nine fits into Chrono Trigger. By the way, have you found all the hidden characters yet? Ok, I'll tell you then. The most obvious one is the scientist Hojo, named after one of my favorite Final Fantasy characters. The next is Kagato, the guru of emotion. Kagato is the name of the villian in the Tenchi Muyo TV series. Tick, Slice and Osborne are not much of hidden characters, but I'm including them. Tick is another type of pest for animals, Slice is another form of Slash and Osborne is the last name of a quite famous Ozzy. Last, but not least, the hardest and most hidden one is Celia. Celia is the name of the North American Sailor Pluto. You see though, Sailor Pluto's identity has not been revieled yet on the show, but when it is, her official name will be Celia. And being that Pluto is the Solider of Time and Revolution, it fits quite nicely. So there ya go,I hope you appriecate and understand the essence of Cloud Nine and I look forward to entertaing you with the next chapters.

(Ja Ne for Now! Tenchi)


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