Cloud Nine Chapter 17

A New Day Approaches

By Tenchi

Crono stepped out of the gate with Marle in his hands. He looked about him as everyone began to awake at the sound of the gate opening. "Crono!" said Lucca as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. "I knew this day would come."

"Now where I have I heard that before?" he said with a smile. It was good to be "home." "Where's Gaspar," he asked.

"Daddy..." whispered Celia. She began to cry. Magus scooped her up into his arms and dried her tears. He placed the Jewel of Time into her hands and said,

"As long as you have this, your father will be with you always."

"What happened while I was gone?" said Crono. "I can only remeber up to the time when NegaLavos said he was my father."

"Well when he made you into his true son, you attacked this place and in the battle Gaspar and Spekkio were lost." said Lucca. Crono put his head down in shame.

"You should have killed me." he said. "I don't know if I will be able to stay this way forever. I may one day become 'Son of Lavos' again."

"No, you chose to turn back to normal, so you shouldn't have to worry." said Marle.

"But don't you understand, this isn't normal for me. No matter how much I deny it, I am part of Lavos." said Crono.

"The Entity.." said Frog.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Cyrus.

"I understand." said Lucca. "NegaLavos is the Entity that wanted us to witness those events. If we never hatched the Chrono Trigger, then he would have never been born. And even if the last spawn was born, if never defeated Lavos, Hojo could never clone that spawn. NegaLavos created the gates so that one day we would all fight Lavos. We were chosen. We are his weapons. The reason Glenn is Frog is because of him. The reason Marle bumped into Crono is him. The reason Ayla defeated the Reptites is him. The reason Robo did not attack us is him. The reason Janus became Magus is him. And the reason we are standing here now is him. We have no chance at fighting him, we are as much of him as Crono is."

"That is not true Lucca. Although logic says we have no chance, we have an advantage. We have Cyrus who is supposed to be dead. We have Fiona who is supposed to be a forest spirit. We have Schala who is supposed to be missing and we have Celia who holds the Jewel of Time. I had a back up plan all along and now is the time to put it into action. The Chrono Trigger Deluxe could be used as a bomb. Using the Jewel of Time we could connect certain time streams and feed the energy into a huge time bomb. Time is a very powerful weapon and if we can harness it's energy, we can be invincible. Only, there are some drawbacks to this. To be able to use this to kill NegaLavos, we need to fight him to the core. Once in the core we can use the time bomb. The thing is we may be dead before we reach it. And then we would be leaving a very powerful weapon in NegaLavos' hands." It was silent for a moment until Fiona spoke up and said,

"I know I'm not the greatest fighter. In fact I had misgivings about joining the fight. But I have faith. I have faith that we will come out of this battle victorious. I am ready to fight."

"I think we all share the same feelings as you," said Cyrus.

"Then shall we begin once more to start this fight?" said Robo.

"No, we are ready to start winning this fight!" said Crono.

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