Cloud Nine Chapter 18

A Moment's Pause

By Tenchi

Dear Diary,

It's me Marle. I know I haven't been writing in you for awhile but I thought I'd take this chance now before I might not ever have another one. Right now we're fighting this new type of Lavos called NegaLavos, it's not pretty. First off Kino died, then Gaspar and Spekkio and then I found out the worst news of my teenage life. It turns out NegaLavos is Crono's father. I can't believe it! I love Crono so much but he's afraid to get near me because he thinks he'll hurt me. This torture is worse then death from NegaLavos any day. Well Robo's first plan backfired (thanks to you-know-who) and so now we're trying to find out how to merge the different time periods to make a huge bomb that will kill NegaLavos for good. This all makes me remember back to the day when I was just a little girl. I was just a little princess, with my hair in pig tails running around like a child. I remember, though, never having my father around. I used to play tea party with the Chancellor while my father ran his country. I bring this up because it reminds me of Crono and I. He's too busy with NegaLavos for me. I know that's a stupid thing to say but all of my life I've been alone and I fear it will happen again. Did I mention I recieved my first kiss? It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Anyway Robo say we have to get hurried on this plan or we won't have enough time to kill NegaLavos because he's quickly gaining power. This is like a nightmare. Robo said that we would have to plant these certain devices at exact points in different eras so we can connect them all and blow up NegaLavos. The only thing is these points will only be lined up for so long so we really have to hussle. I just hope I get to be on Crono's team. Well, gotta go save the world again.

Love, Marle

(2 B continued)


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