The New Land Chapter 1: The News

By Thanqoul

TIME: 1000 A.D.

Crono gazed into the bright sun shining upon him. The sun lit the beautiful world up like a light bulb. Seagulls went and hunted for fish. Squirrels ran around, playing with each other. Many kids were at play. Some were palying tag, some were playing catch.

Crono watched them play. He was never happier. Not after the horrific encounter with Lavos. Crono shuddered at the thought of returning to the place known as "death". He remembered and remembered clearly the blinding light in his face. The heat. Unbearable heat. Then the screams...

Crono washed away the thoughts and thought new ones. Thoughts about how happy he was to be back home. He couldn't wait for Lucca and Marle to get up and spend the day with him.

Crono's attention shifted to a boat landing at the dock. It was Lucy and Jon's boat. Those two loved to explore. They were both the same age as Crono, Marle and Lucca. Jon had brown curly hair. He wore a green T-Shirt and had baggy pants. Lucy had her black hair in many braids. She wore a simple blue dress. They both rushed to Crono from their boats.

"Crono! Man-oh-Man! You wouldn't believe what we saw!", shouted Jon.

"Hmmmm... well, what did you see?", asked Crono.

"We were sailing in the canoe, exploring the ocean, feeding the dolphins, stuff like that.", said Lucy "When we came along an island. It had lot's of jungle! And the best thing was, it wasn't marked on the World Map! We found a NEW LAND!" Lucy stopped a minute to catch her breath. "Oh, and Jon here dropped another one of Lucca's canisters!"

"Oh please...", said Jon.

"Yikes! A new land! We better tell the scholars about this!", said Crono.

"Hey! Crono!", shouted a feminine voice in the distance. Crono spun around and saw Marle and Lucca walking towards them. "Hello Jon! Hello Lucy!", they both greeted.

Crono went up to Marle and Lucca. He told them the whole story.

"Wow!", said Marle. "I guess you guys finally found something in that dinky little canoe!"

"Not another canister!", groaned Lucca "Why do you always drop them?"

"Sorry...", apologized Jon.

"Well, what are we wasting time for! Let's go tell my dad!


They all came in the castle. After telling the paranoid guards it was only them, they went into King Guardia's throne room. They told him the whole story. He looked as excited as ever!

"What a great discovery! We need to look into this more! We need some explorers!", said the king.

"We'll go!", said Jon and Lucy.

"But of course!", said the king.

Marle looked at Crono. Crono looked at Lucca. Lucca looked at Marle, then Crono. Then they all volunteered to go.

"Well...I'm not so sure. Maybe you should rest from adventure for a while, you guys.", said the king.

"Oh, we'll be fine, daddy!", said Marle.

"But you had me so worried last time and-"

"But this isn't the same! It's just a tropical island we're gonna check out! It's no big deal! No alien! No death ray! No nothing! Just beautiful rainforest!", interrupted Marle.

"Well, fine.", said the king. "But I expect you back in three days! Got it? Three days!", said the king.

"Yes, daddy!", said Marle.

They packed up all their supplies. Food, Water, etc.. They packed all up and rented a bigger boat for them to ride in. Crono said goodbye to his mother. Lucca said goodbye to Lara and Taban. Marle said goodbye to the king. Jon said goodbye to his father and mother, and so did Lucy. Then they all set out for the boat and turned on the motor. The sailed into the distant ocean, and everyone waved goodby e to the town heroes, which they hoped would return from this little safari...




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