The New Land Chapter 2: The Dolphin

By Thanqoul

TIME: 1000 A.D.

Crono leaned on the railing of the boat. Marle leaned on the railing too. They watched the sunset in the sky above them. They both watched the seagulls fly overhead. Lucca was in the cabin. Jon was in the motor room, while Lucy was reading a book. That left Crono and Marle on the deck.

"You think this will be fun?", said Crono.

"Without a doubt.", said Marle.

They stared into the sky for a while.

"The sunset's very pretty.", said Crono.

"I agree.", said Marle.

They edged a little closer. All was quiet. Crono and Marle bothed smiled. Suddenly they heard a chittering noise. Crono and Marle looked down. They saw a dolphin. It was tangled in some rope. It kept wriggling around, trying to struggle free.

"Oh my god! That poor thing!", shouted Marle. Crono looked at it. Then Lucca came to the railing. She too saw this.

"Oh, the poor little critter!", said Lucca.

Then Crono did what you would a call a brave and stupid thing. He jumped into the water. Marle and Lucca stared in horror as the saw him sploosh in the water.

"Crono! What the heck do you think you're doing?!", Marle shrieked.

"Oh no! That idiot! Come on! Get some rope, or a life saver, or whatever!", shouted Lucca.

Crono broke the surface and gasped for air. He swam towards the dolphin and started untangling the ropes. The dolphin chittered happily. Meanwhile Lucca and Marle were getting the life saver to throw down to Crono. Crono kept untangling the ropes. Then waves started up. Crono and the dolphin were slammed to the side of the boat. Then the waves got stronger. Fear rushed through Crono's mind, but he kept his mind on untangling the dolphin.

Marle threw the life saver down. The wind started to blow hard now, and slammed Crono into the side of the boat again. Fear prickled at his skin, but he kept on untangling the ropes. At last, the ropes came off and the dolphin swam away. The life saver landed next to Crono. Crono felt reassured and grabbed for the life saver. But a wave swept him away from the vest. A gulp of salt water filled Crono's mouth. Yechh!! But that dodn't matter to Crono. The boat was getting further away. Waves of fear swept Crono's mind. What if he drowned out here in the ocean? What a stupid thing to do to jump in the water!

Just as Crono was about to give up hope, the dolphin lifted him up on it's back and swam him over to the boat. He wearily grabbed the life saver and held on. He was hoisted back up on the boat by Lucca and Marle. The dolphin chittered and then swam away.

"You idiot! What do you think you were doing?!", screamed Marle. Tears formed in her eyes and she hugged Crono. "Please...PLEASE do not EVER do that again!", she said. Tears formed in Lucca's eyes, and she too hugged Crono.

They both took Crono inside to dry and told Jon and Lucy the whole story. Crono made a memo in his head to stop doing stupid stunts. With them all back in the cabin, they sailed towards the island...




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