A New Land Chapter 3: A Reptile's Eye

By Thanqoul

TIME: 1000 A.D.

The boat sailed on and on and Jon finally cried the word "land!". Immediatly everybody got ready. They packed food, water, tents etc.. As the front of the boat landed, Crono, Marle, Lucca, Jon, and Lucy got out.

"See? Isn't it wonderful!", said Lucy.

"Sure is!", said Crono.

They were at the edge of a forest. The beach stretched on both left and right. The sunset made everything look beautiful. Everyone just stood there for a while, admiring the beauty.

Then Lucca said, "Well... let's start exploring!" They all went into the jungle and looked around. Similar to the jungles in 65M B.C., but no reptites. Crono was at the lead, hacking away plants in their way with his rainbow sword. Next was Lucca, then Jon. Lucy and Marle were at back. They kept hacking through underbrush until Lucca cried "Hey! Look!"

They all stared at what Lucca was pointing to. She was pointing at some big tracks in the mud. They had three toes, sort of like a reptite's tracks.

"You think it would be a reptite?", said Marle, shrugging.

"No, they died out millions of years ago.", said Lucca.

"What are reptites?", said Jon.

"It's a long story.", said Crono.

"Should we follow the tracks?", said Lucy. "We may discover dinosaurs not extinct! Who knows?! This is so cool!!!", she was getting REALLY excited.

"Calm down.", said Crono. "It's almost nighttime, and we gotta set up camp. Let's find a clearing and tommorow we can follow the tracks."

"Ok.", the others agreed.

They kept hacking until they found a clearing not to far from the tracks. They set up camp, at some of their food, and went to sleep. Before they went to sleep though, Jon took out a journal and wrote this in:


Day 1

No new discoveries so far. Just found some reptile tracks, possibly dinosaur, in the mud. About 5 inches wide and 9 inches long. Setting up camp in clearing. Hope that tommorow will bring some adventure and excitment.


"Crono?!", yelled Marle. She pushed away a tangle of weeds in her path. "Crono??!!", she yelled louder. She was lost. Lost in the hot steamy jungle. She couldn't find her way back to the campsite.

"Crono!!! Lucca!!! Where ARE you??!!", she yelled in fear.

"Marle?", she heard in the distance.

"Crono!!! Where are you??? I'm lost!", she yelled in that direction.

"I'm over here!", he yelled. Marle caught a glimpse of his hand waving to her.

She started running towards him. "Crono!!! Thank god!! I was so afraid I would be lost forever!!", she went up to Crono and hugged him. Crono hugged her too.

"And you wiiiilllll beeeeeeee....", Crono's words faded out as he began a hideous mutation. His head stretched into a long green neck and grew a head on it. The head had menacing looking jaws. It's two eyes were fiery orange. It grew two menacing arms and two menacing legs. Sort of a lizard-man. It squeezed Marle's arms tight which made her shriek in pain.

"Marle?", yelled another Crono in the distance. This had to be the real Crono.

"CRONO!!! HELP!!", she frantically yelled. She kicked the monster in the chest and started to make tracks. But the monster was running after her in no time. He was gaining.

"Marle!!??", yelled Crono in the distance. His voice was full of fear.

The monster made one gigantic leap towards Marle and landed on her back. She immediatly fell to the ground with the hulking brute on top of her. The monster opened it's jaws and-


Crono woke up. He broke into a sweat.

"Marle?", he said. He looked around frantically. She was there in her sleeping bag, sleeping softly and soundly. Crono couldn't help but to smile a bit.

"Thank god...just a dream...", he reassured himself. He heard a shuffle in the bushes. He looked at them. He saw an orange eye. Blazing orange. A reptile's eye.

"Wha!", Crono yelped. He reached for his Katana but suddenly the eye was gone.

"Just...just my imagination. I better get some sleep."

Crono tucked himself under the sleeping bag and slept until next morning.




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