The New Land Chapter 4: A Strange Apparition

By Thanqoul

TIME: 1000 A.D.

Crono woke up first. He looked around and saw the others were all sleeping. He decided to suprise them with breakfast when they awoke. He started to open a package when Jon awoke.

"Good Morning, Crono.", said Jon.

"Good Morning.", said Crono. They both made breakfast together. The others awoke. They all said their good mornings. They ate breakfast, and then set out for the footprints.

They followed the footprints through the jungle. Crono was in the lead, with Marle right behind him. Then it was Jon and Lucca followed by Lucy. They made their way to a clearing. The clearing had a stone platform with stairs leading up to it. It had four columns in each corner of the platform. At the center was a pedestal. On it was a green orb.

"Wow.", said Lucca.

They made their way to the orb and looked at it. "Ummmm, so what do we do?", said Crono.

"Hmmmm. Maybe if we touch it...", said Lucca. At this Marle reached her hand out and touched the orb. Flashing green lights swarmed through the orb. Then a brilliant light flashed as a strange apparition came from the orb. They all stared in amazement.

"What brings visitors to the Raal-Usha?", said the apparition. Everybody jumped.

"Ra-Raal-Usha?", said Crono.

"Yessssssssssssss.", said the apparition.

"That would probably be the name of this place.", said Lucy.

"Yesssssssssssssss.", said the apparition. "What brings you here?"

They all told the apparition their story.

"Aha! Visitors from the old world, I see. To explore this island....hmmmm. You do not understand...", said the apparition.

"Understand what?", asked Lucca.

"Never mind that. Anyway, welcome to the Raal-Usha. You are welcome to stay here as long as you want.", said the apparition. "If you want answers, I shall give them to you. But you may only heed one question. Each.", said the apparition.

They all thought about this. They could all ask one question. But what if they had more in the future? They all agreed on asking questions later.

"Well, my friends, I wish you good luck in your travels. If you bear any questions, ask meeeeeeeeeeee....", with that the apparition faded back into the orb.

"That was strange.", said Crono.

"I wonder why the footprints lead here.", said Jon.

"I dunno.", said Lucca. Then she caught something. Some footprints!

"Look! More reptile footprints!", said Lucca. This reminded Crono of his dream. He thought, and thought, then thought some more.

"You guys go ahead. I have to speak with the apparition alone.", said Crono. "I need to ask him a personal question."

"Fine with me. We'll wait outside the clearing for you.", said Lucca. They all followed the new footprints and waited outside.

Crono touched the orb. The blinding light flashed and the apparition came.

"Have you decided your question yet, young boy?", said the apparition.

"Yes. I had a dream last nigh-",

"Yes I know.... I know that dream. Continue...", interrupted the apparition.

"Why did I have that dream? What did it mean?", said Crono.

"All you need to dreams...are what lies in the pool of possible future events. Possible things...that may, just may, come true...", said the apparition. With that he went back in the orb.

Crono stood there. He remembered the dream clearly. Was it real? He couldn't tell. He couldn't bear having that happen. He dismissed the "dream's are true" thought as stupid and followed the others through the underbrush.




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