A New Land Chapter 5: The Hunt

By Thanqoul

TIME: 1000 A.D.

Crono, Lucca, Marle, Lucy, and Jon made their way through the underbrush. They kept on going until they spotted something. A statue. The foootprints stopped there.

"Hmmm. I wonder why they stop at htis statue.", said Lucca.

"Weird.", the others said.

Just then they heard a rustle in the bushes. They stopped and looked around. Their wasn't anything in sight.

"What was that?", said Jon.

"I dunno.", said Crono.

They kept on walking, exploring the underbrush. They found lots of cool animals, like Bullfrogs. They found a snake eating a rat. They found lots of wildlife but nothing really spectacular.

"Man, this place seems a bit dull.", said Crono.

Suddenly they heard the rustle int he bushes. This time it was louder. They looked around. Crono suddenly realized. His dream.

"Uh oh...", he said under his breath.

They all looked at a the bush that was rustling. Out popped a huge green head. Like a reptile's head. It had sharp looking mandibles. The rest of it stepped out of the bushes. Crono recognized it as the monster in his dream.

They all shrieked except Crono. Lucy and Jon ran to hide while the other three pulled out their weapons. The creature advanced towards Crono. Crono used a luminaire on the beast while Marle and Lucca used Antipode three. To their surprise, the creature only stumbled back, then wacked Crono square on the face with his hand. Crono fell back into the dirt. Marle loaded her crossbow and fired at the creature's head. It hit the creature's pointy ear, not head. Lucca used flare on the creature, burning some of it's skin. The creature decided he had enough and dissapeared into the bushes. Marle helped Crono up and they went back to Jon and Lucy. Crono decided still not to let them know about the dream.

"Holy mother of God! What was THAT!", screamed Lucy.

"I-I don't know.", Crono lied.

"Well, now we know what dangers are here!", said Marle.

"Maybe we should return to camp.", said Jon. They all agreed.

The team headed for camp and settled down. It was getting late and they needed their rest. They all went to sleep. But before Jon went to sleep he wrote in his journal:


Day 2,

Found a place called Raal-Usha. There is a strange green orb that summons an apparition when you touch it. Also found a green, reptile monster while we were exploring. Crono, Marle and Lucca drove it off. We will be more careful in the future.




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