A New Land: Prologue

By Thanqoul

The sun shone brightly on the rainforest. Wet dew was left behind from the rainstorm last night. Toucans fluttered in the air. Monkeys sought out for food. Insects crawled over the soil. The rainforest was a beautiful sight.

A gecko wandered along a beach. It stared at the neverending ocean seperating this rainforest from the "Old World". Just then a canoe rowed to the beach. There were creatures in the boat the gecko had never seen before. He his behing a fern.

They were about 6 feet tall. Their skin was pink. They stood on two legs and had two arms. They both made funny noises. The gecko stared confused.

The two creatures were shocked. On had a little canister in his hand. Just as he made a step onto the beach, the canister fell out of his hand onto the ground. It shattered, and out of the canister came a slimy green liquid.

The other creature yelled at the one on the beach. That one got back in the canoe and they rowed into the distant ocean...

The gecko went to inspect the slimy liquid. He smelled it. Aaaah. How wonderful it smelled. He lapped it up in a few minutes. Then he felt strange. He vomited and started to panic. He vomited again and then started to grow...


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