Time Warps: The Appearances Chapter 4

By The Man 

The morning came. The rooster didn’t crow, the birds didn’t sing, and nobody said much. Today was the day of oblivion. By Lucca’s calculations, the meteors would enter our atmosphere at 9:37 tonight. It was 7:44 AM. We had little time. All we could do was wait and pray that the fates would side in our favor. I found myself playing poker with Glenn at 12:21 PM. We were playing for coins. "You’re bluffing." I said to him.

"Why do you think I’m bluffing?" He said, coolly. His face was expressionless. I couldn’t tell a thing.

"You have to be. Your couldn’t bet 60 coins unless you have an excellent hand." I responded.

"How do you know I don’t have one?" He said.

"Alright," I said. "I’ll see you at 60." And put the 20 coins on the table. He followed at 70. I met him there. At 75, I met him. Then, he put all of his coins down, which added up to about 220, including the ones already down. "You can’t be serious!" I exploded. He just smiled. I looked for some sign that he was bluffing, but found nothing. After a minute, I said; "I fold." And threw down my cards. He exposed his hand. Jack of hearts, 9 of diamonds, three of spades, two of clubs and ten of hearts. I had a straight flush. "You had nothing!!" I cried. "Of course I didn’t. Only someone who is bluffing could wager that much. Even with a royal flush, you never wager that much." He said. He whispered; "We’ll stop those meteors." He said. "We can do it." He then turned on his heels and left me sitting all alone. That was some subject change, I thought. I guess I had looked too concerned.

At 1:38, I found Flea, sleeping. She looked so beautiful, and peaceful. I cocked a smile as I looked at her. I had known her most of my life. She had helped me through my life in 600 AD. She had changed dramatically. Then again, so had I. I stroked her hair, gently. It felt like the smoothest silk in the world. After a few minutes more, I began to leave. I had just gotten to the door when she awoke. Screaming.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!" The scream rocked my ears as I calmed her down. Finally, she fell silent. She was shuddering as she looked at me.

"Oh, God, Magus." She moaned. "That thing on the meteor. It, it’s hurting me so much!" She held herself as if to keep her from letting something out. I laid her down on the bed. For a minute, she looked like she was calming down. She seemed to have fallen asleep again, when her skin disintegrated and lying in her place was a shadowy figure. It was billowing with smoke. It stood up and walked towards me.

"Magus," It said in a whispery voice. "You are mine. You are mine."

"No!!" I gasped and shut my eyes as I cowered in the corner of the room. I waited for it to get me. The hand touched my shoulder. I grabbed it roughly and held it so tight it hurt my hands.

"Magus! That hurts! Let go!" It said in that whispery voice. No, not like that. The voice was lighter, more like…a woman’s. I opened my eyes. It was Flea, struggling to get free of me. I quickly let go and took a step back. A dream. It had all been a dream.

"Flea." I gasped. "Are you okay?"

"I need you ask you the same question." She responded. "Are you?"

"W-what happened?" I asked.

"I was asleep. You started screaming. You were asleep in the corner. When I got close, you grabbed me." She explained. She rubbed the part of her arm that I grabbed her by. I got up and walked over to her. For a minute, I just stared at her. Then, I couldn’t hold it any more. I hugged her tight. She was okay. No serious harm done. But how long until it goes too far and I really hurt someone? Before I killed someone? She was one of a very few people I cared about. I couldn’t afford to lose her. I knew when it would end. It would end at 9:37 tonight. When we destroy the meteors and the miserable beast on board. Again, I thought of Shala. I had lost her, and it nearly tore me apart. Another incident like that would surely kill me.


At 3:32, I was in Fiona’s Shrine. Do not ask me why, I just was. It was something about what it stood for that attracted me. That something was life. I just stared at it for the longest time, until another friend showed up; Robo.

"Hello, Magus." He said. "Found yourself here to?"

"Yes." I said with a sigh. "I’ve been wondering about Fiona. And you. About all those years you two worked to preserve the forests life. It will all be for nothing if we let that meteor hit Earth."

"Do not worry." He said. "I have every ounce of confidence that we will not let it hit us."

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Positive." He answered.

For awhile, we just stood there. Two beings, looking at a little bag of dirt and grass. At 4:05, we left. Two people, off to save the world.


At 5:30, I was in 600 AD. I was looking up at my castle. I was a dark person when it was built. I was the constant company of death. I thrived on it. I killed many people. I had no concern for life then. I had wanted to kill Lavos. I had been brutally hurt by him. I wanted to hurt him back. The blood that fell on my hands in every battle that I fought was my company. My scythe was my best friend. The screams of torture and agony and pain was music to my ears. I loved a good fight. But times had changed, and so had I. I was no longer a killer. Instead of destroying life, I wished to preserve life. That was what I was going to do in a few hours. Save the world. After a little bit, I hopped in Epoch and flew back home.

It was 6:49. Impact would occur in under three hours. So little time. I was on my usual ledge with Flea. We were both looking out at the ocean. She was leaning on me. "Isn’t it pretty?" She asked me.

"Yes." I answered. "But it’s even better with you to share it with."

She looked at me and smiled a kind, warm, loving smile. "I’d hate to see this planet destroyed." She continued. "It’s so beautiful."

"You’re beautiful." I said.

She gazed into my eyes, and I did the same. I slowly stoked her cheek. It was so warm. Then:


We both turned to the sound of the call. Crono was charging up towards us like the hounds of Hell were on his tail.

"Magus!!" He said as he came to a halt. "The meteors have changed their flight speed! They will impact the Earth in thirty minutes!"

I didn’t need to have it said again to me. The three of us bolted out of there at top speed.

End of Chapter 4

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