Time Warps: The Appearances Chapter 5

By The Man

Impact would occur in ten minutes. It was already about to meet up with the force field. On the spot that it would impact was Robo, Lucca, and I. In three minutes, we would perform the Omegaflare on the meteor. After that it would be up to me. I was doing my best to stay calm, but it wasn’t easy. It isn’t every day that the future of Earth rests on your shoulders, and yours alone. I looked at my comrades. They all looked so brave, but underneath their skins, they were as afraid as I was. I could see the meteors clearly now. The lead meteor was one of the smaller ones. After that was another small one, followed by the smaller big one. It looked so big. I wondered if the force field was really going to stop it. Anyway, a ways behind the first three was the third small one. A mile or so behind that one was the mother meteor herself. I bet that the other four combined weren’t nearly as big as the big one. And on the top of the largest meteor, I could see the faint outline of a spiky object. I knew that this had to be another Lavos. After the three minutes was up, we got to work. Robo started floating. I chanted the words for the Omegaflare. Suddenly, a large beam poured out of Robo and hit the largest meteor. The thing started crumbling and in a few seconds, was half the size it was originally. While this was happening, I noticed the first two meteors melt away as they hit the force field. I held my breath as the first large one hit the force field. If it made it through the force field, all hope would be lost. There would be no way for me to keep the Black Hole open that long. The first large one was really small now. A little more pressure would do it. Alas, the thing made it through. All hope was lost now. But no, there was still the atmosphere. And lo and behold, the atmosphere burned that sucker to a crisp. But now I had to complete the Omegaflare. I emitted a gray flare at the meteor it hit the large meteor and the smaller one. The smaller one melted away. But then, terror struck. The Lavos spawn emitted a force field around his meteor. It didn’t get any smaller. Still I opened a Black Hole. I stained every ounce of magic power I could muster into this spell. The meteor came nearer. The hole grew wider. The effort was hurting my brain. I felt ready to collapse. No! I had to stay up. We would die if I didn’t. So I poured more energy into it. Two minutes until impact. The hole grew wider. One minute. Wider. But no, it just couldn’t go wider. It was all over. We were all going to die. Then a hand touched my hand. It sent a surge of power through me. I had been renewed. I quickly poured all my energy into the spell. The hole grew. And grew and grew. It grew until the meteor came flying towards me. It flew into the Black Hole. As soon as it did, the hole closed up. We had done it. It was over. I was about to look to see who had helped me, but the spell had practically killed me. I slumped to the ground and everything went black.


My first thought was; Am I dead? It sure felt like it. I opened my eyes. The gang was looking down at me. We were in the nursery. We were alive. I had done it. I saw Flea. She looked like she was crying.

"He’s awake!" Cried Marle. Flea was by my side and hugging me in a second.

"We thought you were dead." She said through tears. "I’m so glad you’re awake. Are you all right?"

"Yeah, I’m okay." I said. "What time is it?"

"It’s 12:08 AM." Said Robo. "You were out for quite a while."

"Yeah, we thought you were a goner." Said Lucca.

"I’d like to know one thing." I said as I sat up. "Who gave me that extra bit of strength to make the hole wider?"

In response, Crono and Atropos moved to the side. And there, standing alone like an angel was Shala. I quickly got up. She slowly walked towards me with tears in her eyes and a smile on her face. For a while, we just stood there looking at each other. She looked so beautiful. I hadn’t seen her in such a long while. Finally, I threw my arms around her and hugged her tight. I was crying now. It was overwhelming to see her again. "I missed you so much." I said between sobs.

"I’ll make it up to you." She whispered. "I promise."

End of Chapter 4

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