Shattered Dreams & Sleeping Pills Chapter 15

Come For A Walk With Me

By WindWolf

Some more regulars had pitched in with the cleanup effort, and the rest of the bodies were being dragged out around back. She stopped walking and watched them pass, trying to suppress a shiver. Shaking the sight from mind, she hurried to catch up with the bald man.

He walked over to the bar, reached over, and opened up the drawer. Dropping the gun inside, he sat down on a stool and turned around to face her.

"So where's my beer?" he asked, reaching back into his pocket for his sunglasses.

"We're closing early, I'm not selling anymore drinks," she walked around the bar and began cleaning up.

"I could kill you, you know."

"So what?"

"You don't care about your life?"

"Sure I do, but there's not a helluva lot good about it, so I say, go for it."

She was risking it, and she knew it. This man had tried to kill Barret; he could do the same thing to her. If it weren't for the fact that her instinct told her he was no immediate threat, she'd probably be reaching for the gun right about then.

He chuckled, and looked up at the clock. "When's your shift over?"

She followed his gaze and looked at the clock, it read 10:55. "Five minutes," she answered, wiping the blood off the counter with a wet cloth.

"Come for a walk with me."


"Because I told you to."

"I think I'll pass, thanks."

"Come for a walk with me."

"Why? So you can kill me?"

"So I can help you."

"I don't need help."

"Yes you do."

"No, I don't." She was getting a little fed up with this stranger. Who asked him to save her life? And what made him think he knew everything about her?

He stayed silent for a bit, then stood up and began moving the boxes back to their original positions. By then, everybody else had left the bar. The other customers came back in, and after talking to her quietly for a bit, left as well.

He stayed. When she finished cleaning up, she went outside to lock the doors. Angie, her replacement, was walking up the road, and Tifa explained everything to her.

Angie was a dramatist, so Tifa wasn't surprised when she "nearly fainted" after being told that Black had tried to kill her.

"Us waitresses need to stick together, eh? C'mon, I'll take you somewhere to get your mind off of it."

"No, I'm fine. Look, I'm gonna try and open the bar tomorrow night, so can you come in for your regular shift?"

"There's no one to pay us! Are you insane?"

"We can run it ourselves, can't we?"

"You're weird. You sure Black didn't get your brain or something'?"

"I'm sure."

"Whatever, look, if we're out of business, I'm outta here. See ya 'round Teef."


Tossing her blonde hair over her shoulder with an air of superiority, Angie waltzed back down the road towards the station.

Tifa cast a glance towards the stairs. He was still there, hidden in the shadows. Doing her best to ignore him, she took a deep breath and walked down the stairs, refusing to look his way.

"I wasn't aiming for the little girl," he said, his voice coming as if from nowhere.

She stopped, but didn't turn around. "You were aiming for her father."

"No, not him either."

"Then who were you aiming for?"

He walked out and put a hand on her shoulder, but didn't say anything. Walking past her, he headed towards Sector Six and said, "Come for a walk with me."


Well? Aren't you proud of me? It's three days into my four day weekend and I haven't done any homework yet. I've been working only on this. You should thank me. Aw, you're welcome. Yes, I love you to, I'm going to go eat some cookies now though, okay? Yes, bye-bye.


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