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Chrono Trigger Story

This section, written by Danyal Herder, goes through the game explaining what happened.


(In the cases where some characters are left behind at the End of Time or somewhere else, I used the pictures in the Chrono Trigger Player's Guide to determine who went and who stayed)


Step 1: The Millennial Fair

It is the year 1000 AD. A young boy named Crono wakes up from his home in Truce, preparing to go to the Millennial Fair nearby. He collects his allowance from his mother and goes to the fair.

Upon arriving there, Crono has fun until he bumps into a girl about his age that gives her name to be Marle. She asks to join Crono on his fun day, and Crono lets her.

Crono soon finds out that his best friend Lucca has invented a new machine in the Fair. Marle goes with him as he decides to see it.

Lucca's new invention, the Telepod, is meant to transport any matter in one 'pod' to the other. Marle decides to try it out. When she gets in one of the pods, however, her pendant begins to glow. Suddenly, a warp opens up from nowhere and Marle flutters into it, disappearing. Her pendant is the only thing that remains of her after the portal disappears.

Crono bravely grabs the pendant and tells Lucca to turn the machine on again, intending to follow her wherever she went. Lucca obliges and soon the portal appears again, sucking Crono in as well.


Step 2: The Queen Returns

Crono wakes up in a forest filled with monsters. Crono hacks his way out of the area and finds himself still in Truce, but things seem.different. Going to the café, Crono hears people saying that it is the year 600, and that the humans are at war with the Necromancer Magus.

Crono decides to go over to Guardia Castle, which is still standing-Although supposedly, King Guardia the 21st rules instead of the 33rd in his time. He is met with a disdainful welcome, but Queen Leene appears and gives Crono a pardon. She asks him to go to her room, as she wishes to speak with him.

Crono goes to her room and finds that the Queen is only Marle, but everyone thinks that it is Leene because the two look so alike. After only a second, Marle disappears again! Crono prepares to leave the castle to find her, and runs into Lucca, who explains everything to Crono.

Lucca says that not only did the Telepod transport them all back to 600 AD, but that Marle is in truth the Princess of 1000 AD, Princess Nadia! Lucca also explains that the real Leene has disappeared, and if she is killed, Marle will cease to exist. Someone in history was supposed to have saved Leene, but history has been changed and Crono must save her now. Lucca decides to go with her. After asking around, they hear that the cathedral to the west may give them some information.


Step 3: The Queen is Gone

When the two reach the cathedral, all they find is a hairpin with Guardia's royal crest. Suddenly the organ player and the preachers transform into deadly Naga-ettes. Crono and Lucca fight them off, but one catches them by surprise. Then a frog kills it and introduces itself to Crono and Lucca! The frog has appeared to save the queen as well, and the 3 team up to save her. The frog-Who also gives its name to be Frog-finds a secret door behind the cathedral.

The 3 go through the cathedral, battling off monsters and finding out that many humans that have been in the castle and town are actually monsters in disguise!

They finally find Leene in a hidden room and the Chancellor is with her. The Chancellor is also who he appears to be, however, and shows his true form to be Yakra, another monster who attacks Crono, Lucca and Frog. The heroes manage to kill Yakra, and they find the real Chancellor stuffed in a chest.

After returning to the castle, the Chancellor suggests that a law system be created. Frog replies that he has failed to protect the queen and leaves in disgrace. Crono and Lucca go back to Leene's room and Marle reappears! Marle reveals herself to be Princess Nadia, and the 3 prepare to go home, where Lucca has another surprise for them.

On returning to where they appeared in 600 AD, Lucca says that she has the situation under control. She says that the portals are called 'Gates' and that they bring people to the exact same place in another time period. She also has created a 'Gate Key' to control the gate-But she admits she still doesn't know why the gate appeared in the first place. They decide to return to their own time period anyway.


Step 4: We're Back!

The journey goes successfully and Lucca tells Crono to escort Marle back to her home in the castle while she goes home. Crono agrees to take her home.

Crono brings her back, but the Chancellor of 1000 AD accuses her of confusing the Princess and trying to run off with her. The Chancellor demands a trial and Crono is the defendant.

The Chancellor tells many lies and says that Crono was preparing to take Marle and demand a ransom to return with her safely. The jury finds Crono innocent. However, the judge says that he still ran off with Marle and 3 days of solitary confinement is his punishment.


Step 5: The Trial

When the Chancellor throws Crono in prison, he tells another lie and tells the guard that Crono has been found guilty and he is to be executed in 3 days. The guard nervously agrees and sets up the guillotine.

Crono waits for 3 days in his cell until they come to him for his execution. They are about to kill him when Lucca burst in and rescues him! Crono and Lucca fight off the patrolling guards, even a mechanical dragon tank and escape from the prison.

The guards soon catch up with them and try to catch them, but Marle appears and tells them to stop. The King tries to tell her that royalty comes before her personal wishes, and Marle is shocked that he would say such a thing. She decides to leave with Crono and Lucca, and the Chancellor screams at the guard to catch them all.

In Guardia Forest the group is cornered, but they see another gate. Marle pressures Lucca to open it up and she does so. The 3 jump in and leave the guards and the Chancellor behind.


Step 6: Beyond the Ruins

Crono, Lucca and Marle rematerialize in a foggy, dark area. Lucca notices that the building they are in seems very advanced and they immediately realize something is wrong.

After leaving the dome and traveling in a bleak, misty world, they come to another building with some inhabitants. The people are dressed in rags and seem to have no food-The only way for them to stay alive is to stay in the Enertron, which replenishes health, but not hunger. They say that it is the year 2300 AD, and they are in Trann Dome. The people also say there is food in a dome to the east, but there are monsters in a laboratory blocking the way.

Crono, Lucca and Marle hike across the lab anyway, and they make it though Lab 16. They soon arrive at the dome that was talked about-Arris Dome. A man who says his name is Doan tells the travelers that there is food underground, but no one has returned from there alive. Crono, Lucca and Marle go down anyway to search.

After going through the area and defeating the Guardian with its Bits, they arrive at the refrigerator to find that the food has rotted, save for one small seed. They also find a note saying that there is a statue, which contains the secret to the dome.

The statue is caught and it reveals a secret password to get into the computer system. Crono, Lucca and Marle arrive at the system and Lucca uses the computer to find a Gate to another dome in the east named Proto Dome. Marle celebrates the knowledge and presses another button. A new screen is brought up.

It is a visual recording of the "Day of Lavos" in 1999 AD. It shows that in 1999 AD a huge, red, spiked monster rises up from the center of the Earth and destroys everything with a reign of terror.

At first the three are shocked that Lavos has been destroying the world. Marle soon realizes that if they can destroy Lavos before 1999 AD, history will change again and the world will be saved.

The group returns to the surface and they tell Doan to plant the seed that they found, as it may be their only hope to survive. Doan gives them a key to a Jet Bike that will lead them across Lab 32 to Proto Dome.


Step 7: The Factory Ruins

The group reaches Lab 32 and are met with a parade of robots that are led by a creature named Johnny. He challenges them to a race across Lab 32, and Crono gets to ride the Bike. He accepts and a race is made.

Crono wins the race and gets a free ride across Lab 32. The group continues to Proto Dome. The door that will lead to the Gate is sealed, but something else catches their eyes first. It seems there is a broken down humanoid on the ground-a robot. Lucca sets to work to bring it back to functioning.

After several hours she succeeds. The robot-Who later is named Robo by Marle-welcomes the new people but appears to be confused. He says that there were, at one time, many people and robots at Proto Dome. Lucca explains the situation and Robo investigates. He replies by saying the power is down and they can go to the factory North of Proto to jump-start it. Lucca stays behind while Crono, Robo and Marle journey to the Factory. The factory is a confusing maze of platforms, conveyor belts and sealed doors. Robo finally hooks up the power to Proto Dome, but an alarm sounds. Robo tells Crono and Marle to get out while he covers their tracks. Soon the 3 meet up with 6 blue robots that look much like Robo. He explains that they are his family, but the other robots begin to attack him. They say that Robo was created to eliminate all intruders and Robo is a defect. The robots toss Robo on the ground and all begin to beat him at once. After a considerably large beating, Robo is tossed aside by the robots. They turn to Crono and Marle, preparing to kill them. Crono and Marle fight off the robots and retrieve Robo, preparing to drag him all the way to Proto Dome for Lucca to fix him.

Once again Lucca finds herself fixing circuits and replacing bolts. Robo realizes that they are trying to save his world and he has no plans for the future.

After Lucca finishes Robo's repairs, Robo tells them that he wishes to join them in their quest to save the future. The 4 travel to the Gate, but something goes wrong.


Step 8: The End of Time

Crono, Marle, Lucca and Robo arrive at a small area covered in fog and mist. They see a dozing old man, who after being woken up tells them that they are at the End of Time, where all time periods intersect. The old man, who never reveals his name, points out that there are pillars of light that connect to all the Gates that the team has been to. He also lets them meet Spekkio in the next room.

Spekkio turns out to be the God of War who reveals inner magic to anyone strong of will. He unleashes lightning in Crono, fire in Lucca and ice in Marle. Unfortunately for Robo, since he is not alive he cannot learn magic. However, his weapons still use shadow type magic. Before the team leaves, the old man says that only 3 can travel at a time. Robo agrees to stay behind and the 3 go to the Gate they have not been to yet-Medina Village in 1000 AD.


Step 9: The Village of Magic

The group shows up in a closet of a home! Medina Village appears to only hold monsters in the town. One of the monsters is kind enough that the village is where the descendants of the monsters of Magus's army live. Since the Magus lost, most monsters hold a grudge towards humans. Crono, Lucca and Marle quickly exit Medina Village and run into Melchior, a swordsman whom Crono and Marle met in Leene Square. Melchior also says that there is a portal in the cave to the North, which leads to Truce. Unfortunately, the cave is also filled with monsters. Crono decides they should brave the monsters anyway.

They are met with hostility as soon as they enter the cave. After traveling through the area, they find their way to the portal. However, a huge monster named Heckran, who attacks them, blocks it. Crono, Lucca and Marle barely survive the encounter, but they manage to kill Heckran. Before Heckran dies, though, he reveals a connection with Magus and Lavos. Marle realizes that they must go back to the Middle Ages and kill Magus before he can bring Lavos into the world.


Step 10: The Hero Appears

After being brought back to Truce, the group heads back to 600 AD. The rumor is that the Hero has appeared-The person who has risen and is fated to defeat Magus. Crono thinks they should go to the hero, who is in the Southern part of the continent.

Unfortunately, on the area connecting the north and south, Zenan Bridge, Magus's troops are launching an attack on Guardia's knights. They have no food and ask Crono to go to the castle and bring some food back for them. Crono does go and receives some Jerky from the grumpy chef. Crono brings the food back to the captain, who asks them to help fight off Magus's troops. They accept and plow through the forces.

Along the way, the group meets Ozzie, Magus's right hand man. He unleashes a huge skeleton on the heroes to make his getaway. The creature, named Zombor, attacks them. After a fierce struggle Zombor is destroyed, but Ozzie has fled before Crono and the gang can slay him.

Part 2

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