Sephiroth and Jenova

All of the types of materia are listed below (there are 82 different materias in the game). Click on the type to go to its page, containing all the different materia of that type, their spells, where to get them, etc. I want you to note one thing: the Master-level resale price. This is usually for huge amounts (or just 1), especially the All materia, which is well over 1 million gil!

Command Materia (Yellow)- These all add new commands in the Battle menu (Deathblow, Steal, etc.).
Enemy Skills Materia- Sure, this is a Command materia, but with all the spells it is capable of casting, it deseves it's own page.
Independent Materia (Purple)- These materia all work by themselves (HP Plus, Counter Attack, etc.).
Magic Materia (Green)- This is all of the magic spells (Lightning, Fire, etc.).
Summon Materia (Red)- Summon something or someone for a really cool effect (Choco/Mog, Phoenix, etc).
Support Materia (Blue)- Anything that increases another materia's power (All, Added Cut, etc.).
Crazy Materia Combos- Set up your materia to do massive damage or other cool effects.

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