Final Fantasy Tactics Characters

Here you can find info on all these characters, such as how to get them, their bonus stats (in default class), and their exclusive spells and abilities. All of the special human characters use the same reaction, support, and movement abilities as the Squire class, so I won't bother to list it for all of them.

Agrias Oaks (Holy Knight)
Beowulf Kadmus (Temple Knight)
Byblos (Apanda)
Cidolfus Orlandu A.K.A. T.G. Cid (Holy Swordsman)
Cloud Strife (Soldier)
Malak Galthana (Hell Knight)
Meliadoul Tingel (Divine Knight)
Mustadio Bunanza (Engineer)
Rafa Galthana (Heaven Knight)
Ramza Beoulve (Squire)
Reis Dular (Holy Dragon/Dragoner)
Worker 8 (Steel Giant)

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