In Suikoden, you can acquire up to 108 companions. As the game progresses, you will meet a great variety of characters. Some of them will join your party and others may not because certain conditions have not yet been fulfilled. Each character has its own special ability and distinguishing characteristic. It is to your advantage to increase the number of your companions for strength in battle and for protecting your headquarters. The full list of the 108 Stars, along with their locations, is listed below. For information on obtaining a character, refer to the Walkthrough.

The 108 Stars Of Destiny
Name Star Joins Party In
Hero Tenkai Star Gregminster
Lepant Tengou Star Kouan
Mathiu Silverberg Tenki Star Seika
Luc Tenkan Star Castle of Toran
Humphrey Mintz Tenyu Star Castle of Toran
Kasim Hazil Tenyu Star Moravia
Kwanda Rosman Tenmou Star Pannu Yakuta
Pesmerga Teni Star Neclord's Castle
Gremio Tenei Star Gregminster
Warren Tenki Star Moravia
Kun To Tenfu Star Kirov
Cleo Tenmen Star Gregminster
Viktor Tenko Star Gregminster
Valeria Tensyo Star Village Of The Elves
Griffith Tenritsu Star Northern Checkpoint
Clive Tensyo Star Rikon
Flik Tenan Star Garan
Camille Tenyu Star Kaku
Kreutz Tenku Star Dragon Knights' Fortress
Stallion Tensoku Star Great Forest
Kage Teni Star Secret Factory
Fu Su Lu Tensatsu Star Great Forest
Kirkis Tenbi Star Castle Of Toran
Milich Oppenheimer Tenkyu Star Scarleticia
Pahn Tentai Star Gregminster
Sonya Shulen Tenjyu Star Castle Of Toran
Anji Tenken Star Pirates' Fortress
Tai Ho Tenhei Star Kaku
Kanak Tenzai Star Pirates' Fortress
Yam Koo Tenson Star Kaku
Leonardo Tenpai Star Pirates' Fortress
Hix Tenrou Star Neclord's Castle
Tengaar Tensui Star Neclord's Castle
Varkas Tenbou Star Castle Of Toran
Sydonia Tenkoku Star Castle Of Toran
Eileen Tenkou Star Kouan
Leon Silverberg Chikai Star Kalekka
Georges Chisatsu Star Kirov
Ivanov Chiyu Star Scarleticia
Jeane Chiketsu Star Antei
Eikei Chiyu Star Teien
Max Chii Star Northern Checkpoint
Sancho Chiei Star Northern Checkpoint
Grenseal Chiki Star Castle Of Toran
Alen Chimou Star Castle Of Toran
Tesla Chibun Star Antei
Jabba Chisei Star Rikon
Lorelai Chikatsu Star Kaku
Blackman Chitou Star Kalekka
Joshua Levenheit Chikyou Star Dragon Knights' Fortress
Morgan Chian Star Temple Of Qlon
Mose Chiziku Star Secret Factory
Esmerelda Chikai Star Antei
Melodye Chisa Star Kirov
Chapman Chiyu Star Antei
Liukan Chirei Star Soniere Prison
Fukien Chijyu Star Temple Of Qlon
Futch Chibi Star Dragon Knights' Fortress
Kasumi Chikyu Star Castle Of Toran
Maas Chibaku Star Great Forest
Crowley Chizen Star Qlon Temple Cave
Fuma Chikou Star Dragon Knights' Fortress
Moose Chikyou Star Warrior's Village
Meese Chihi Star Village Of The Dwarves
Sergei Chisou Star Kaku
Kimberly Chikou Star Antei
Sheena Chimei Star Seika
Kessler Chisin Star Secret Factory
Marco Chitai Star Warrior's Village
Gen Chiman Star Teien
Hugo Chisui Star Temple Of Qlon
Hellion Chisyu Star Teien
Mina Chiin Star Antei
Milia Chii Star Dragon Knight's Fortress
Kamandol Chiri Star Teien
Juppo Chisyun Star Kouan
Kasios Chiraku Star Scarleticia
Viki Chitatsu Star Great Forest
Rubi Chisoku Star Great Forest
Vincent de Boule Chichin Star Moravia
Meg Chikei Star Kaku
Taggart Chima Star Castle Of Toran
Giovanni Chiyou Star Kouan
Quincy Chiyu Star Garan
Apple Chifuku Star Seika
Kai Chihi Star Garan
Lotte Chiku Star Rikon
Mace Chiko Star Seek Valley
Onil Chizen Star Seika
Kuromimi Chitan Star Great Forest
Gon Chikaku Star Great Forest
Antonio Chisyu Star Seika
Lester Chizou Star Kirov
Kirke Chihei Star Lorimar
Rock Chison Star Kouan
Ledon Chido Star Secret Factory
Sylvinia Chisatsu Star Great Forest
Ronnie Bell Chiaku Star Secret Factory
Gaspar Chisyu Star Kaku
Window Chisu Star Warrior's Village
Marie Chiin Star Seika
Zen Chikei Star Qlon
Sarah Chisou Star Kirov
Sansuke Chiretsu Star Great Forest
Qlon Chiken Star Antei
Templeton Chimou Star Village Of The Elves
Krin Chizoku Star Kouan
Chandler Chikou Star Fortress Of Kwaba

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