Job Classes

Unlike Final Fantasy 5, the job class system in Final Fantasy Tactics follows a distinct hierarchy, as you must reach certain levels in the lower jobs before you can access the higher job classes. This hierarchy is shown below, as are the job levels needed to attain the more powerful classes.

Job Hierarchy





Knight (L2 Squire)

Archer (L2 Squire)

Wizard (L2 Chemist)

Priest (L2 Chemist)

Monk (L2 Knight)

Thief (L2 Archer)

Time Mage (L2 Wizard)

Oracle (L2 Priest)

Geomancer (L3 Monk)

Lancer (L3 Thief)

Summoner (L2 Time Mage)

Mediator (L2 Oracle)

Samurai (L3 Knight, L4 Monk, L2 Lancer)

Calculator (L4 Priest, L4 Wizard, L3 Time Mage, L3 Oracle)

Ninja ( L3 Archer, L4 Thief, L2 Geomancer)

*Females Only - Dancer (L4 Geomancer, L4 Lancer)

*Males Only - Bard (L4 Summoner, L4 Mediator)

Mime (L8 Squire, L8 Chemist, L4 Geomancer, L4 Lancer, L4 Mediator, L4 Summoner)

(You may want to note that Warriors have higher attack power and HP, while Mages have higher magic power and MP.)

So that I could put this site up by early July, I only included commentary on the Squire, Chemist, Knight, Archer, and Wizard pages, as well as short notes on classes whose skills I felt needed explanation. As soon as I finish writing my notes on the other Job Classes, I will add the commentary to these pages, which currently contain basic stats and information on their abilities.

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