I'm doing this by sections, and posting up new ones once I get them done. I won't be able to make new sections that often since I'm busy with other stuff. It'll most likely be a few months until this is completely done. I'm trying to include as few spoilers as possible, so I can help people out without spoiling the game for them. I hope it helps!

Until I get mine entirely up, here's the FF7 FAQ by Kao Megura (Contains Spoilers!)

Part 1 (text file) This one is a walkthrough of the game. 356 KB
Part 2 (text file) This one has just about everything else. 396 KB
Or Download Both in a zipped file (227 KB). This one is your best bet, since it's smaller and includes both.

And now the parts of my walkthrough I've done so far...

The First Mission - Assault on Mako Reactor No. 1
Rendezvous and Reunion - Sector 7 Slums.
Mako Reactor No. 5
Flowers Blooming In The Church - Sector 5 & 6 Slums
Don of the Slums - The Wall Market
Underneath The Rotting Pizza - Sewers/Train Graveyard/ Plate Support
The Plate Comes Down - Sector 6 Revisited
Infiltrating Shinra HQ
Escape From Shinra HQ!
The Nightmare Begins - Kalm to the Mithril Mines
Chasing the Black Caped Man - Mithril Mines to Lower Junon
Welcoming President Rufus - Upper Junon
All Aboard! - The Cargo Ship & Costa Del Sol
Ahead on Our Way - The Corel Mountains

Icy Brian's Final Fantasy VII Page

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